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Our Customized Products are a proven game changer for all type of business.

SMS Business Messaging

Engage customer with the instant delivery channel for redundant connectivity.

2FA & 3FA

Add multi factor authentication to the security management system for adequate user experience.

Voice Business Messaging

Enhance customer outreach with high-definition voice solutions.

Integration with CRM

Virtual voice messaging seamlessly integrate with CRM, ensuring smooth communication and data synchronization between voice interactions and customer records.

Email Business Messaging

Utilize the most common channel with next generation integration technology.

Whatsapp Business Messaging

With dedicated profiles, businesses can provide key information to customers.

WhatsApp Business API

Now connect your WhatsApp Business Account to Pixabits Business Messaging platform through easy integration of WhatsApp API with your existing application.

USSD Business Messaging

USSD technology for customer transactions, account checks, and service management.

Secure Authorization

Enrich customer experience with USSD Secure authorization. USSD serves as a unique channel for authentication, offering a two-factor authentication process that combines convenience with security.

Voice Channel

Utilizing spoken language, businesses connect their audience through direct phone calls.

Voice Surveys and Feedback

Instead of writing surveys, businesses gather feedback through voice-based interactions, providing a more conversational and possibly insightful approach

Whatsapp Channel

Businesses use WhatsApp for direct and efficient customer communication.

Two-Way Communication

WhatsApp enables two-way communication, allowing customers to initiate conversations, ask questions, and engage with businesses in a conversational manner.

Affluent Audience Messaging

Highlight exclusive offers and premium services tailored to refined tastes and higher purchasing power.