Types & Benefits of Text Messaging (SMS) Solutions

By Pixabits

31 August, 2022


For growth in every business, communication with customers in an effective way proves to be a great asset. Pixabits enables businesses to practice this task with its high-quality voice calling solution. To achieve a better reach with customers, we offer a hand-to-hand easy solution to streamline the customer relationship management process. 

Why should you opt for the Pixabits voice calling solution?

By adding our various voice calling modules in your marketing operations, you could add more customers to your sales stats in a minimal time frame. Good efficiency outbound dialer is key to success in every business for better outreaching of customers. Pixabits outbound dialers enable you to increase the calling efficiency with a bundle of effective features and reduce your idle time.

Leverage your business growth with our proven voices services

  • Outbound Dialing: The incorporation of our OBD services gives your customer interaction process a new height. Promote your product and services to customers in an optimum way.
  • Inbound Dialing: Channelize marketing and sales strategies by utilizing our auto dialers. Bolster your CRM before, during, and after the purchase.
  • Customized Voice Solution: Convey your promises and services in the desired context to create a more personalized experience for customers. 
  • Audio Bridge: Provide your users a rich audio experience via organizing mass conferences through Pixabits Audio Bridge. Manage your summits successfully through our admin panel and leverage the benefit of allowing up to 3,000 people per call.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Route your business calls with the targeted audience by enabling customers to give need-specific responses. Multilevel IVR could make user interaction process result-oriented and hence eventually build interests in users towards a business.

Click-to-Call: Gather more leads by enabling users to connect with businesses just by clicking a button on official websites. Customers are only one click away from accumulating relevant information.